To ship in your Apple device

We at brandolino think, that also used Apple devices have the right for a chic engraving. Therefore your have the choice: Buying a brandnew Apple device at brandolino or to ship in your exisitng device.

If you want to ship in your used device, the order process is almost the same as ordering a new device. Go to our configurator, search for the device you want to engrave and be creative. You placed everything at the right place? 

Gebrauchtes Apple-Gerät zum Gravieren einschickenAt the bottom right, in the filed "size" happens the magic. Please choose "ship in your device" and finish the order process. Afterwards please ship your device to our address.

Will the warranty expire?

No! The engraving process happens touch-less and the sensitive electronic will be touched in no way. Therefore the warranty will not be affected. However: If you ship in your device to apple in case of a defect you will get a new device back without your individual engraving.

Design & engraving

Which file format for a logo upload (not for photo upload)

The upload of corporate logos is only recommended for users, who are experienced with professional picture editing software as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Photoshop etc. 

Thats how you create an inscribable logo: All objects incl. text must be converted into curves/vectors. A pixel graphic can not be engraved. Please reduce the multiplicity of vectors to one layer and recolor it to RGB 247|247|247 resp. CMYK 0|0|0|5 to let your artwork appear white as the real result. Now just save it as .eps file and upload it in our configurator.

color of the engraving?

Apple´s anodized aluminium lets the engraving appear snow white.

Is such an engraving permanent?

An engraving is as permanent as a tatto and con not be remove. So better check twice before you order.

Apple engraves for free

You are right. At Apple´s free engraving service you can choose only a few characters. Further this offer is limited to iPod an iPad. We at brandolino think, that all Apple devices incl. iPhone and MacBook have the right for such a chic engraving. Further we enable the possibility to ship in your existing device.

Does brandolino engrave only Apple products?

At the moment we focus mainly on Apple products. But never say no. If you have a custom inquiry please don´t hesitate to send us a message. May we find a solution...

ordering & delivery times

The delivery time for custom made products is usually 5 - 7 workdays (Mo - Fr). For a little extra charge we will handle your order with high prioritiy. Please note, that our production is may closed on public holidays as well as on following or previous bridging days. This could delay your order. To make sure your custom product arrives in time please ring us up.


We ship out our products preferred by DHL or letter post. Letter post has the advantage, that the shipment will arrive in your mailbox and you don´t have to be at home when your custom products arrive.

Right to return

We at brandolino are very confident with our quality. Therefore we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If the custom products doesn´t fit your expectation, we will pay the full amount back. Without any discussions. Great, isn´t it?

The only catch: You have to return the product on our costs.

bulk orders

brandolino is made for individuals and small companies who want to have custom products up to nine pcs. If you want to order higher volumes please get in touch with our mother company www.brand.it.

* incl. VAT, plus shipping