Our production methods

Laser engraving

In the laser engraving process amplified light is aimed at the surface of the device. During our professional engraving process the delicate electronic parts of the iPad and the iPhone remain untouched. The "light" removes tiny particles from the surface, and different effects occur on different materials. The aluminium casing of Apple products, for example, turns snow white as a result of this procedure. In our configurator you can create a virtual preview of the engraving, otherwise take a look at the examples of other engraved products.

That's how an engraved product looks like:



Digital Printing

Our digital printing process is comparable with your printer at home. The motive that needs to be printed is transferred from the computer to the printing machine. Little paint particles are applied onto the product surface in high speed to create a colorful result. A specialty: Digital printing can be not only colorful, but also white. The specialists call this "CMYK + white".


That's how digital printing looks like:


Information on the logo upload for experts:

- Data format: vectorized eps, svg or pdf images
- Color mode: set the logo or motive in 10%K
- Graphics: vector data only, text also must be vectorized
- Gradients: unfortunately impossible to engrave


Information on logo upload for experts:

- Data format: png, jpg, tiff, eps, ai
- Color mode: preferrably CYMK
- Resolution: Min. 300 dpi or higher

We have gathered year-long experience with both methods working with famous companies. Now we offer our know-how for private customers as well.

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